What To Write In A Get Well Card

Knowing what to write in a get well card is important when someone is sick, injured, or recovering from a surgery. Your words of care and love can go a long way in making them feel better and relaxed. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a friend, colleague or a relative. What matters is how your caring words make them feel.

Writing thoughtful get well wishes and adding inspiring get well soon quotes to your greeting card is the best way to show someone you are thinking of them during a tough time. Remember that personalization is key and a heartfelt get well soon message can do so much more than any other gift. This article has got you covered in thinking of what to write in a get well card.

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In considering what to write in a get well card, you’ll need to consider three things: the person you are writing to, your relationship with them, and the condition they are in. Whether you’re looking for inspirational quotes, get well wishes after surgery, or funny get well wishes to lift spirits, we have you covered with everything you need to know about what to write in a get well card below.

What To Write In A Get Well Card After Surgery

What To Write In A Get Well Card

1. Here’s hoping that you get well soon after your recent surgery. Hope your road to recovery is short and sweet.

2. Sending you all my love and the best wishes possible after your recent surgery. May you recover quickly and enjoy the
best of health for many years to come.

3. Hope you’re recovering quickly from your recent surgery and doing well. Here’s wishing you the best in life and many
more years of health and happiness. Get well soon.

4. Sending you all my best wishes and many prayers for a speedy recovery from your recent surgery. Keep being strong
and get well soon.

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5. I always knew how brave and strong you are, but you’ve really proved it during this surgery. Hope you’re feeling all better
real soon.

6. Just wanted to let you know how much we all care about you and that we’re all sending you our best wishes. We’re all
praying for you to have a speedy recovery from surgery and the best of health. Hope you get well soon.

7. Hope you’re doing well since your recent surgery. Sending all our love and best wishes your way. Get well soon!

8. I’m glad to hear that the surgery was pain-free. I can’t wait to see you once you get back home.

9. Wishing you the best in health, wealth, and happiness. Hope you recover quickly from your recent surgery and enjoy the best health possible for many years to come. Get Well Soon.

10. I really wanted to write something cheery and fun on this “Get Well Soon” card, but there’s really nothing fun about the
surgery you had to undergo. So here’s all my support, I wish you a speedy recovery.

What To Write In A Get Well Card

11. Hang in there, better days are coming.

12. Hope you feel a little better every day.

13. Sending good, healthy vibes your way.

14. Sending hugs and love!

15. Remember to just take it one day at a time and in no time, you will be completely healthy and smiling once again.

16. You’re in all of our warmest thoughts as you recover from your surgery.

17. Best wishes for a little progress and a little encouragement every day during your recuperation.

18. Best wishes that you will soon be back to doing all the things you love.

19. I want to remind you how strong you are. We’re thinking about you every day and wishing you a fast recovery.

20. May the good wishes and warm thoughts of those who care about you send a little cheerfulness into your world and help you feel better.

21. Thinking of you lots and hoping for your speedy recovery.

22. I heard you were feeling unwell. Here is to wishing you a speedy recovery.

23. These flowers represent hugs and kisses to tell you how I wish you were here, and not on that sick bed. Get well soon.

24. I hate to see you feeling blue so here is my get well wish to you.

25. Praying that you get better soon and experience the joys of being healthy again.

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What To Write In A Get Well Card

26. You are in my thoughts and prayers during your time of recovery.

27. I wish I was a magician so I could make you fit and healthy with the wave of a wand!

28. As the sun rises this morning, may you rise from every sickness and be whole again. Get well soon.

29. Don’t worry dear; you are not in this alone. You will get through this in a short time. Get well soon.

30. Please bounce back soon and come back to us. Life is boring without you.

31. Good wishes and prayers that you get well soon.

32. I hope this get well wish brings a smile to your face. You are too beautiful to be feeling down.

33. It has not been easy for me since I heard you were not feeling fine. I send you this message to let you know I’m thinking of you and hope you will get better soon; wishing you fast return to health.

34. I was saddened when I heard you were ill; here I brought you a bouquet of rich-flowery red rose as a sign of my love and strong hope for your health and happiness. Feel better soon.

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What To Write In A Get Well Card

35. I wish I had a magic wand with which I can call you up from your sick bed, but I don’t, so I pray for you every day to get well soon.

36.  Falling ill is a great way to get paid off. I wish you enjoy your
beauty sleep while funding our poor doctors! Wish you a
quick recovery!

37. Dear friend, we are sad that you have been away for a while.
We have been missing your smile. We miss you at work! Get
well soon!

38. If you had not enjoyed all that ice cream without me, the
fever would not have been this severe. Next time call me to
share all the ice cream! Get well soon!

39. What happened to you? You need to get well soon. We have
to continue our gossiping, so sleep well and get well soon.

40. Now that you have fallen sick, you must know that you are
the most likeable person around. Even the bacteria and
viruses have fallen for your charms. Wish you make a
speedy recovery!

41. Now that you are under house arrest, you will get all the
lawful punishments you deserve! It’s time to get all the bed
rest and aids that you deserve so much! Wishing you
get well soon!

42. I wish you make a speedy recovery. You know I need to
borrow some money! Don’t you know that you are the only
bank I take loans from! So get well dear!

43. Another chance to sleep in for you? Some folks will go to
great lengths to get some extra shut-eye. All kidding aside,
get well soon!

44. If you were not this beautiful, the virus would not have hit
on you. I am luckier than you because I am not as charming
as you. Get well soon!

45. I used to think that you were superhuman. But now I think
that you too are human like us! Get well soon!

46. A healthier you means less work for me. What are you
waiting for? Get well soon!

47. Feel better in a hurry so we can get back to making fun of
you with no guilt.

48. I’ve waved my magic wand to make it all better…what’s
taking so long?

49. Sorry, you had to eat hospital food.
Life is boring without you. Hurry up already!

50. I can only be nice for so long – get better soon

Now with these insights on what to write in a get well card, we hope you won’t find it difficult to compose a get well message for a loved one in their hard times.

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