100 funny pokemon jokes

100+ Funny Pokemon Jokes

Pokemon will forever go down in history as one of the most popular franchises of all time. Over the years people have created a ton of funny Pokemon memes and jokes to poke fun of the game, show, cards, and everything else. We have compiled a huge list of funny Pokemon jokes we think you’ll…

117 hilarious jokes about men

117 Hilarious Jokes About Men

Here comes a huge list of jokes about men that will crack you to bits, just another addition in the endless battle between the sexes. These are not meant to insult the men folk, rather it is just for fun. We hope you’ll enjoy these, feel free to share with your friends. See Also: 130+ Women…

60 funny christian jokes that will put a smile on your face

60+ Funny Christian Jokes That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Religion is a sacred thing and most of us were probably taught not to joke with any religion, so far we have adhered to that, but yet we have found a way to extract these jokes that will never annoy any one and still able to make you laugh out loud. Here goes our list…

100 funny holocaust jokes

100+ Funny Holocaust Jokes

It’s such a serious thing to make joke with holocaust, because the Jews won’t find it funny, as a matter of fact, most people won’t find it funny, but we have selected quite a huge list of holocaust jokes that won’t offend most people, these jokes are funny enough to make you laugh out loud,…

120 confusing questions that will leave you wondering

120 Confusing Questions That Will Leave You Wondering

Have you ever heard a question that makes you wonder where it came from or what the answer could be, those are called confusing questions, these questions provide a fun way to kill time and have some workout for your brain and as they say, the more you use your brain, the more it gets…

80 fun questions for couples to keep the spark alive

80 Fun Questions For Couples to Keep the Spark Alive

Nothing can be more fun than asking fun questions, especially between couples. I know some people might find this strange, but it is a sure way to kill that boredom in any relationship. Relationships can get boring if they stay perpetually on the same track. It’s totally fine to come up with your own fun questions, but here…

200 good never have i ever questions

200+ Good Never Have I Ever Questions

This is a great game that you can use to get to know people more, it is also good for dates. But it’s not just for getting to know people you’ve just met or for dates. It’s also great with friends you think you know well. We have taken time to compile this list of never…

50 funny never have i ever questions to ask your friends

50 Funny Never Have I Ever Questions To Ask Your Friends

Searching for some funny revealing questions about your friends? We’ve got your back. This game will give you exactly what you want. We have assembled a huge list of funny never have I ever questions and some answers that will surprise you. You think you know everything about your friends? try asking them these questions….

70 best funny never have i ever questions

70 Best Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

Are you looking for a cool way to have fun with your friend? asking never have I questions will certainly give you the fun you need. Never have I ever questions is a kind of game where you ask your friends funny questions that usually starts with Never Have I. Have fun playing. See Also: 50…

100 funny birthday wishes for loved ones

100+ Funny Birthday Wishes For Loved Ones

In this article, we’ve prepared We have prepared for you: 100 funny Birthday Wishes For For Your loved ones Birthdays are special events for everyone, and it always brightens our day seeing someone send us a special birthday message. A simple birthday message does not cost much, but it means a lot to the celebrant. Coming…